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Work From Home Program by Unisource Solutions

At Unisource, our mission it to become the most recognized and trusted provider of inspiring workplaces in the industry. Now we're bringing that mission to your home office. We've partnered with your employer to provide you with all the health and safety benefits of quality ergonomic office furniture and accesories, in your home, at amazing prices. To get started just login above with your work email address.

  • Home Office Ideas & Ergo Tips

    While technology and social platforms have made it easy to remote-in and stay connected, they haven’t addressed physical posturing.

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  • About Unisource

    Founded in 1987, Unisource Solutions is one of the leading providers of smart office solutions and facility management services in California.

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  • Our Services

    Our strong track record of success and diverse array of products and services make us uniquely qualified to serve all your workplace needs.

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